April 7-17 Group Show: URBAN ARCHITECTURE

Our first Open Call show of the year! The theme for this show is Urban Architecture.

We walk, drive, and bike past some pretty amazing creations of modern architecture every day while moving through the city. With this collection of artists and work, we hope to expose you to a little bit of that, whether it’s those little details in a building you pass on the way to work, or the ever changing artwork on the walls of the alleyways behind your house.

Art is all around you fighting with the advertising that we’re bombarded with. Hopefully we can get you to look a little bit differently at the city around you.

Here’s a list of the 34 exhibiting artists:

Nancy Bennett
William Gaydos
Colleen Zimmerman
Tim Green
Stacie Marie
Chris Burns
Nick Sweetman
Michael Pace
Amelia Stea-Maclaurin
Katrissa Singer
Jessica Thalmann
Warren Haas
Doug Stiles
PH1 Collective
Dean Bradley
Mr. Hydde
Shannon Armishaw
Nalin Thillanayagam
Jen MacDonald
Mony Zakhour
Andrija Dimitrijevic
Michael Sapienza
Adrian Hayles
Leigh Nelson
Megan Katz
Brian Deignan
David Johns
Brian Luey
Patsy Luey
Courtney Stephenson
Alexey Turceaninov
Jesse Albert
Graeme Luey

The show starts up on April 7th at 7pm, and runs until April 17th.

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