April 28 - May 28 Alfalfa: "Mar y Cielo"

Mar y Cielo new artworks by alfalfa

April 28 - May 28th, 2023

"Mar y Cielo"
is a collection of Toronto based artist Alfalfa's latest and not so latest artwork. As an artist, Alfalfa is constantly captivated by the intricate patterns found in nature, particularly those of seashells and birds. In this exhibition, he explores the reflections and interactions between the logic of human existence and the organic beauty of these natural patterns.

The artwork is a visual exploration of the here and there, a reflection on the juxtaposition of human logic against the free-flowing patterns of seashells and birds. Through his artistic process, he seeks to capture the essence of these patterns and convey their inherent harmony and complexity.

Each piece in this show is a meditative exploration of the delicate interplay between the human mind and the serenity of the sea and sky. The use of colour, lines, and composition is a visual dialogue between the rigid logic of the human mind and the fluidity of the natural world. The seashell and bird motifs serve as a metaphor for the delicate balance between structure and spontaneity, order and chaos.

As you explore "Mar y Cielo," we invite you to ponder the parallels between the patterns found in nature and the patterns of human existence. Reflect on the beauty and intricacy of these organic forms, and consider how they intersect with our own perceptions of the world. Through the artwork, we aim to spark contemplation and inspire a deeper connection with the natural world and the mysteries of human existence.

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