April 28 - May 10 Case Mackeen: "POP Transfer"


This collection of paintings is thematically based in and around the transit system. These public spaces where riders congregate and intersect have always interested me; initially painting on them and now making paintings of them. Subway cars and street cars are fascinating subjects, visually and symbolically, connecting The 6 boroughs like a microcosm of a larger socio-economic system. The POP(proof of payment) transfer is that connection.
Ryan MacKeen is a painter and graffiti artist. He is also known by the moniker CASE.
MacKeen rose out of the street art movement and graffiti boom in Toronto during the early nineties. His current work draws heavily from his graffiti writing experience with comparisons to impressionism and a style that's been called Post-Graffiti Impressionism. Each piece is created using spray paint and traditional graffiti techniques.
CASE was highly influential on the urban art scene that followed in his wake. He has exhibited at The Royal Ontario Museum and The Art Gallery of Ontario as well as numerous galleries in NY, LA,  and Europe. 


2016    Toronto ON, Over The Shoulder, SteamWhistle Gallery
2015    NewYork NY, The Armoury Show
2014    NewYork NY, Cutlog NY, Frieze Week
2013    NewYork NY, Kilowatt Gallery,Fountain Fair
2013    Toronto ON, Mischeif Over,Twist Gallery
2012    Miami FL, Gallery 4, Art Basil
2012    Toronto ON, Best on Show, The Gladstone
2011     Pittsburgh PA, Exile on Dufferin, Gallery 4
2009    Toronto ON, Royal Ontario Museum, Shelter, 
2008    Toronto ON, Marc Ecko Unlimited, Street Art Expo
2008    Toronto ON, Luminato, House Paint
2008    Hollywood CA, Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art, Delirium                
2008    Toronto ON, Manifesto, Well and Good Art space
2007    Toronto ON, Foundations, Whippersnapper Gallery
2007    Toronto ON, Ignite: Arts Forum, Gladstone Hotel Gallery
2005    Pittsburgh PA, Static Free, Space Gallery
2004    Amsterdam, Netherlands, Graffiti World, GO Gallery
2003    Toronto ON, Walsh/Mackeen, Here and Now Gallery
2003    Montreal, Ottawa & Toronto M16-War Child Canada
2003    Toronto ON,HYPE 3, Art Gallery Of Ontario
2002    Toronto ON, HYPE 2, Art Gallery Of Ontario
2001     Chicago IL, Diversity, 13th Floor Gallery
2000    Montreal QC, Out For Fame, Transart Gallery
2000   Toronto ON, Decked, Art Gallery Of Ontario
2000   Toronto ON, Activation, Art System, OCADSU
1999    Toronto ON, Case, James Allan Fine Art Gallery
1998    Toronto ON, Bombs Away, The Low Art Gallery

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