April 26 - May 6 The Artists' Network: "The Liveness in Me"

How do people find their creativity these days? 

We live in a world of over stimulation. Eyeballs on the screen, mind in the dimensional airwaves, lost to the tangible real world. Maybe inspiration from a simpler time might be the tonic. Let Emily Carr take us back, from her journals in Hundreds and Thousands:

“The Liveness in me just loves to feel the liveness in growing things, in grass and rain and leaves and flowers and sun and feathers and furs and earth and sand and moss. The touch of those are wonderful.”

The Liveness in Me is a Artists’ Network Gallery Popup group show that hopes to sow fresh exciting feelings and urges in the spring season as well stir our human desires and senses. Come let yourself be overwhelmed and reawakened in this exhibition.

Participating Artists:

Alexander Eros Rocco, Annette Gaffney, Beverly Allen, Carolyn Laidley Arn, David Johns, Donna Wells, Emilio Mozo, Irja Ketola, Jennifer Arro, Jessica Lin, Joanna Strong, Julie Himel, Karen Taylor, Kari Serrao, Morgan Sheardown, Neil Currie, Nina Keogh, Paul Brandejs, Paul Brown, Paul Savard, Peter Adams, Sarah Jaworski, Sharon Ruttonsha, Sheila Thompson, Susan Aaron & W. Stephen Cooper. 


Exhibition Run: April 26th – May 6th, 2018.

Opening reception  April 26, Thursday, 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm

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