APRIL 11th-18th GROUP SHOW: #1YEAR “Sophomore Sneak Peek”

#Hashtag Gallery is 1 Year Old!!

Over the past year we’ve grown from an unknown space built with the help of our friends and family, to a vibrant hub of community driven artistic expression. We’ve seen some great artists, brought you opportunities to learn and “#Create”, had some amazing receptions, and hosted some unique and always entertaining events!

The love and support have been more than we could have asked for, and we’re incredibly appreciative for every moment of it! As we approach our 1st birthday we’re excited for what the future has in store for us, and even more excited for what we have in store for you as we enter phase 2 of #Hashtag Gallery!

This year we start things off by welcoming 4 very talented artists to our roster who each bring a style of art that helps diversify the collection of work represented here at #Hashtag.

Cycy Berlin, who you may remember from our “ISSUE #1” comic art show in January puts a unique twist on traditional illustration. His imaginative creature creations and detailed narrative keep viewers coming back for more, and finding something new each time they look.

Joyce Lau, is an artist that like many artists, uses paper in her craft. UNLIKE most artists though, Joyce ONLY uses paper to create her masterful works of art. Her intricate pieces combine multiple layers of preciscly cut paper to create each image, and give it colour and depth. Her work needs to be seen up close and in person to be believed!

Blair McLean, is a Toronto based pyrography artist who uses fire and wood to create his art! It’s pretty amazing what can be done with metal stencils, rulers, scraps, and of course a blowtorch… His work ranges from 8″ x 10″ abstract wood panels to 7′ long architectural wonders (filled with tiny abstract artworks).

Adelle Rae Taylor brings a softer style of work to our collection. Her delicate line drawings, and detailed illustrations have an “Arts & Crafts” style feel to them. Her current work is inspired from the movement in nature, 18th century patterns, human anatomy, fictional characters or narratives, and subtle notions of her current lifestyle.

Trevor Wheatley and his multi-layered street postering style of art joins us to round out the Sophomore Sneak Peek! His work is inspired by the layers of street advertising/posters/tags/murals that show a literal history of the area of town they’re in.

Come join us for a sneak peek at the new artists, and get a small taste of what we have in store for you this coming year!

Show Runs April 11th – 18th

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