We meet very inspiring moments once in a while. Moments we push our limits. Moments we struggle. Moments we create. Moments we pray for someone else. Moments we focus. Although these moments inspire us, give us new ideas or sometimes even change our lives, these moments are difficult to keep and record. In this collection of new artworks, I tried to capture and document these inspiring moments.

Scattered abstract elements composed of newsprint, photo collage, neon colours, and neutral colours, are the representation of the beautiful chaos of our environment and daily life. Those scattered elements assemble into organic shapes (e.g. animals, expression/flow) to document kinetic inspiring moments. We might find our own primitive energy and passion in those organic shapes.

I hope this document of kinetic moments will be an inspiration to you to start beautiful day.

I’m very pleased and honoured I could have an opportunity to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of such greatly amazingly inspiring gallery.

Happy Birthday Hashtag Gallery!!

Taka Sudo
April 2014

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