From afar, bright, contrasting colours leap out of the front window of the gallery. Inside the walls are lined with large and small works by Taka Sudo. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the movement of the images, an effect of the constant flow of colour on canvas or wood panel set against contrasting black and white backgrounds made of canvas or newspaper. Each piece is littered with energy that flows inward and outward, towards the viewer. Sudo works with an array of mediums including paint, both brushed and sprayed on, marker, pen and ink, and collage; the process itself is dynamic. It is almost difficult to differentiate foreground from background at times, especially with the collage of layers that Sudo creates between them. Newsprint covers the background of many of the works, and large, bold words within the figures of each work creates an ephemeral quality in each painting. We wonder if this reflects the “moments” in Kinetic Moments, indicative of a time and place that has passed.

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