#Hashtag Gallery gets a nod in the Arts Section of BlogTO’s weekly radar!

“ART | La Carnita Dos
Tonight, the aftermath of the La Carnita Dos bash comes to Hashtag Gallery for your viewing pleasure. The term “aftermath” is appropriate because this exhibition is taking place following a massive party at the Evergreen Brickworks that involved the art on display as well as music and Mexican streetfood. There’s no doubt that was a blast, and there will indeed be more fun to have out there this Summer, but seeing work on display in an environment like Hashtag Gallery will definitely allow you to tune in more closely to the work of Mike Giant, Tom Gilmour, Sam Flores, Jaqui Oakley, and many others. This show runs until August 6th.
Hashtag Gallery (801 Dundas Street West) 4pm to 10PM”

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