Remember the future? Well, not the future that’s still to come. We mean remember the future you used to read about in those old Popular Science magazines, and books form the library when you were young? That amazing, impossible sounding (but fun to imagine) future written about, and illustrated, with flying cars, space colonies, and underwater cities?

“FUTURE IS NOW!” is our newest open call group show, and we want you to imagine that future we were told was going to happen!

Individuals, collaborations, whatever. We’re looking to once again fill our walls up with work from both established, and emerging artists who are looking to get their artwork out there and make a statement!

This time, due to a generous sponsor, we’ve changed the details a little bit, and we’re running a contest for “Best in Show” with a prize of $500*, for the top voted piece!

*Winning piece will be purchased by our sponsor for $500 and will be framed hung in their advertising agency in Toronto (ex. if your piece is submitted and the price tag is $100, you would take home $70 from the sale, and an additional $400!)

Details are similar our past open call shows:

$25 per artist entry fee (non-refundable), $20 for students with student ID.
• Artists can submit up to 3 pieces
• Maximum selling price $300
• #Hashtag Gallery earns 30% commission on sold work
• All skill levels welcome, but we will be curating the show and cutting pieces we don’t feel fit with the theme.

So BRING YOUR “A GAME”! We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store!

Show runs July 3rd-6th
All artwork must be submitted in person by June 29th.To qualify for contest voting.

Our address is:

#Hashtag Gallery Ltd.
801 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON, M6J 1V2

**Unsold artwork must be picked up and removed from the gallery no later than 8pm, July 6th.
Any artwork remaining after 10 days of the show’s end date (without arrangements for pick-up) will be considered a donation and become property of Hashtag Gallery Ltd.**

For any additional inquiries please call us at 416-861-1866, or email us at

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