We’d like to thank everyone who helped us out over the past month or so during our renovations, openings, set-ups, running around, and everything else I’ve forgotten to mention! We’re all really appreciative, and the willingness from everyone to help has been overwhelming.

So thank you to the following people for being there for us and helping make everything possible! (I’m going to continue to update this list, because I’m remembering names off the top of my head and I’m sure more will come to me.)

Brian and Patsy Luey
The Hollick Family
Andrew Jurczynski and Jane Crispin
Genevieve Magtoto
Paul Levesque
Brad Kulay
Shannon Echlin
Carley Mellan
Eddie Ruminski
Kasia Chalas
Scott Dutrisac
Annelise Shantz
Belle Kaplan
Jenna Street
Brenda Kahura
Jacques Charbonneau
Jamie-Lou Nichol
Candace Harnden
Paddy Jane
John Maynard
Justin Eastman
J.P. Spanbaur
Johnny Fry
…to be continued.

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